José María Mariscal June 2019 Workshops

The workshop with José María Mariscal in June 2019 has now completed

José M. Mariscal is an exceptional thrower who specialises in crystallized glazes.

Josep M. Mariscal is a potters’ son and learned the throwing art from his father.  Since 1992 he started working as a potter at Ceramicas Martinez in Vullpellac, he went from studio to studio, perfecting the technique until he achieved throwing mastery. In 2003 he opened his own workshop and began to learn different techniques such as glazes, engobes, raku firing, naked raku, terra sigillata. In 2010 he bought an electric kiln and started experimenting with crystalline glazes. From there he collaborated with famous artists (Peter Ilsley and Pintor Manolo Sierra among others).

3 days intensive throwing workshop 15th to 17th June 2019 – £360

4 days Crystalline Glazing and throwing workshop 18th to 21th June 2019 – £480

Throwing demonstrations and advanced throwing techniques, narrow neck bottles, bowls, lids, spouts, handles decoration techniques etc. Time is allocated for individual tuition. Crystalline Glaze mixing application and Electric oxidation firing and Gas reduction firing. (Glazing raw material and oxides provided)

– Stoneware Clay provided

– Dedicated Rohde electric wheels.

– Workshop days start from 9:30am to 4:00pm.

– Tea/Coffee cake provided at break times

– Please bring packed lunch – facilities to store/reheat food are available if required

Please note:  this workshop is not suitable for beginners

Contact email to or phoning Nadia on 0788 799 6256